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Inmate Services
Basic Adult Education / Life Skills / Parenting / Horticulture / Anger Management / Story Book / Legal Services / Recreation / Religious Services

A substantial number of inmates in our county jails have substance abuse problems, educational deficiencies, emotional and cognitive problems that hinder their ability to find employment and cope with everyday life. The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office working together with the community can help to provided the opportunities and contacts needed to help inmate's function when they are eventually released.

Inmate Programs are not the only solution, but both research and history tell us there is a significant link between a lack of life skills, education, employment and incarceration. Inmate Programs using the principals outlined in the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and integrated into correctional programs by Gordon Graham & Co. seeks to teach these powerful lessons in personal change.

Inmate programs afford numerous benefits;

  • They provide inmates with necessary links to the community.
    They ease the pressures of confinement, which has a direct positive impact inmate management for line staff.
    Program providers provide positive role models for inmates.
    They assist the inmate in discovering options, available resources and aides in their decision making process.
  • They provide judges and probation officers with more alternatives than just warehousing inmates.

By supporting inmate programs that promote cognitive change, positive values, education and self-discipline we can help to reduce recidivism and break the cycle of failure for many adult offenders. What is invested in these individuals today may be gained in productive citizens tomorrow.

Ultimately, success in any program will be limited to those inmates who want to change and are willing to make great efforts to do so.

We are currently able to offer the following programs and/or services to Inmates:

Basic Adult Education

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Supported by the Ukiah Adult School this program is available to all inmates. However, only sentenced inmates may attend the classes in the Programs Building.

This is a broad program which covers a variety of adult education subjects. Inmates are assessed for educational strengths and weaknesses. Inmates are then assigned material which will help them in their areas of greatest need. For those wanting to complete their high school education we offer studies leading towards a General Education Diploma (G.E.D.) Certificate. Typing, literacy and basic computer skills are also taught.

A library, which includes life skills, educational, vocational, religious, and many other topics, is available in the classroom. Inmates may also view and listen to a wide variety of audio and video material on related subjects.

The Ukiah Adult School through its Independent Study Program also provides educational services to inmates who are unable to attend classes in the Programs Building. Independent study course work is available in basic adult education, addiction, anger and/or violence control, and parenting. Inmates can request to enroll in the program by completing an Inmate Request Form.

Life Skills

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This program is presented by The Ford Street Project and is only available to sentenced male and female inmates.

This course will cover the following subjects: Personal Change; Rage, Recidivism & Recovery; Substance Abuse Recovery and Relapse Prevention, Breaking Barriers, Anger. 


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Available to sentenced male and female inmates this program is provided through a grant obtained by the Mendocino County Office of Education, Even Start Family Literacy Program.  This class uses positive parenting techniques to teach participants how to:  improve parenting skills and confidence with everyday situations in their families; increase skills in dealing with inappropriate and problem behaviors; learn age appropriate expectations of their child; enhance their ability to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for their child; increase their understanding of the parental/caretaker role in the development of a child's self esteem; explore the unique issues that exist for parents separated from their children due to their incarceration; share, question and explore together different issues on parenting in a safe, positive environment.


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Inmates help civilian staff with landscaping and vegetable gardening around the jail complex. The vegetables grown on site are used by the kitchen in meals prepared for inmates.

Anger Management & Relationships

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Available to sentenced male and female inmates this course focuses on anger management and relationships.  Individuals taking this course will receive information and learn skills that will enable them to deal with the issues of violence and anger in their lives.

Story Book

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Sponsored by The Even Start Family Literary Program this program provides volunteers who help incarcerated parents (and others significant to a child's life) read a children's book, which is recorded onto cassette tape, for their child.  The tape and book are then mailed to the child.  All expenses for this program as covered by Even Start or through donations.   Available to sentenced male and female inmates.

Legal Services

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Inmate Services maintains a law library for inmate use. The law library is located in Building One and includes the following material:

  • West's Annotated California Codes
  • West's California Cases
    • 1 C. 2d - 15 C. 4th
    • 16 C. 4th 1167 - 16 C. 4th End
    • 18 C. 4th 96 - 19 C. 4th 1205
    • 19 C. 4th 1232 - 24 C. 4th 316
    • 24 C. 4th 434 - 24 C. 4th 467
  • Witkin and Epstein, California Criminal Law
  • Other Legal Material
    • West's CALJIC Vol. 1 & 2
    • CJER Mandatory Criminal Jury Instruction Handbook
    • West's Lafave Search and Seizure (5 volume set)
    • Witkin California Evidence (3 volume set)
    • Witkin California Procedure (10 volume Set)
    • Mendocino County Codes
    • Black's Law Dictionary
    • CEB California Criminal Law Practice and Procedure
    • CEB California Criminal Law Forms Manual
    • West's California Rules of Court - Federal
    • West's California Rules of Court - State
    • West's California Rules of Court - Northern
    • West's California Judicial Council Forms Vol. 1 & 2
    • West's California Compact Penal Code West's
    • California Compact Vehicle Code
    • Federal Habeas Corpus
    • State Bar - Manual for use of Habeas Corpus by California Prisoners
    • State Bar of California - Parole Rights Handbook
    • State Bar of California - Notice of Appeal California Prisoners
    • California Administrative Code, Title 15
    • Nolo Press - The Criminal Law Handbook
    • Nolo Press - How To Do Your Own Divorce In California
    • CEB Practice Under The California Family Code
  • Miscellaneous Material
    • Nolo Press - Legal Research Guide
    • English/Spanish Dictionary English Dictionary

The following material and services are also available from the Inmate Services Co-coordinator:

  • West Law Online
    • U.S. Codes
    • U.S. Supreme Court Cases
    • 9th Circuit Federal & State Cases
    • California Court Cases
    • Various Law Reviews, Bar Journals & Legal Periodicals
    • Key Cite

Photo copying service - $1.00 first page and 25 cents each additional page. Inmate Law Library


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Inmate Services provides table games such as chess, checkers, backgammon and other games to the housing units.  New games are provided every three months. Inmates Services also provides and maintains static exercise equipment in the outdoor recreation yards and televisions in the housing units.

Religious Services

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These programs can explore religious, moral and behavioral issues. The value of religious programs is that they teach the concepts of right and wrong, actions and consequences.

Religious programs also teach that there is something more powerful and profound than you are and at the very least provides a moral foundation to ward off the temptations that most inmates into trouble.

These services are provided by local churches and other religious groups in the community. Services can range from individual counseling, Bible studies and substance abuse groups.

Major service providers and programs:

Calvary Baptist Church
Pastor Dave Donnell
465 Luce Avenue Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-5639
Services available: visiting; books & literature; Bible studies; community services.

First Baptist Church of Ukiah
Pastor Gary Zeek
302 Henry Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-2779
Services available:  visiting;  books & literature;  Bible studies; community services.

Seventh - Day Adventist Church
Jail & Prison Ministries
P.O. Box 669
Talmage, CA 95481
Services available:  visiting;  books & literature;  Bible studies; letter writing;  community services; transportation.

Celebrate Recovery
Bible based recovery program currently being offered to un-sentenced male inmates.