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Public Safety Dispatcher

Job Summary and Distinguishing Features

Primary responsibility is to receive, process and transmit two-way radio and telecommunication messages, complaints, and emergency calls; performs responsible technical and clerical duties; entry level position in a series of two classification levels.

Essential Job Functions (all responsibilities may not be performed by all incumbents)

  • Receives and dispatches routine and emergency radio, telephone, teletype and other communication messages
  • Receives and processes inquiries, complaints, information and emergency calls from the public.
  • Analyzes, evaluates and determines appropriate response to situations requiring law enforcement intervention
  • Determines proper jurisdiction, personnel, and/or equipment to be dispatched
  • Monitors and refers special problems and situations to the appropriate personnel and/or organizations
  • Operates telecommunications equipment in receiving and transmitting information regarding vehicle registration, driving records, warrants, criminal records and/or other police related matters
  • Contacts and coordinated the exchange of information for resolving complaints and requests with the California Highway Patrol, Ambulance services, Fire Department, and other emergency service agencies
  • Monitors location and activities of multiple patrol units; maintains and records contacts with field patrol units
  • Monitors, tests and reports the condition of transmitting equipment
  • Monitors, maintains and records Dictaphone tapes and messages
  • Receives and processes routine business calls, requests for information, and/or refers to appropriate agencies
  • Maintains warrant, complaint, theft location, equipment and operating records and files
  • Performs clerical duties associated with Communications room duties and activities
  • May provide guidance, direction, and/or training to staff members
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

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