Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
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(Title of Crime/Incident) 288(c)(1) PC, 261.5(d) PC, 286(b) (2) PC
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288(c)(1) PC, 261.5(d) PC, 286(b) (2) PC
9900 block of East Road in Redwood Valley
When: Date: 1/27/12 Time: 1000
Victim Info :        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Victim #1: withheld per 290 PC-juvenile 15 Redwood Valley CA
Suspect Info:        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Suspect #1: Ryan Wade 25 Redwood Valley CA
Written by: Sergeant Derek Scott
Synopsis: On 1/27/12 Mendocino County Sheriffs Deputies received information that a 15 year old female may have been sexaully assaulted.

After several witness interviews they contacted the alleged victim.

The victim, a 15 year old female, stated she was sexually assaulted on 1/18/12 at her residence. The victim stated that while her mother was away at the store, her mother's live in boyfriend (Wade) had sexually assaulter her while she was sleeping. The victim woke up during the assault, which caused the suspect to stop. The suspect told the victim not to tell anyone what happened to her.

On 1/27/12 at 1300 hrs, deputies contacted Wade who admitted to sexually assaulting the victim but stated it was consensual. Wade admitted that he knew that it was illegal to have sexual contact with the victim but did so anyways.

An Emergency Protective Order was granted for the victim and her mother with a move out order.

Wade was arrested for the above charges and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on the listed charges. Wade's bail was set at $50,000.
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