Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
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(Title of Crime/Incident) Missing person search and rescure
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Missing person search and rescure
Eel River Ranch Covelo
When: Date: 01/29/12 Time: 1500
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Victim #1: female adult 71 Covelo Ca
Victim #2: female adult 56 San Diego Ca
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Written by: Sergeant Matt Kendall
Synopsis: On 01/29/12 at about 1430 hours Mendocino County Sheriffs Deputies were detailed to Eel River Ranch Rd. Covelo regarding two females that became lost while hiking near Chicken Ridge.

Deputies learned the 71 year old and 56 year old females had a cellular telephone which was working in the remote area. Deputies were able to make contact with the women via telephone. An investigation revealed the two had walked from a residence on the Eel River Ranch subdivision in the morning hours, and had gotten lost in the brush while hiking.

Due to the recent cold weather and the early onset of darkness, it was determined an immediate search would be completed. After speaking with the women on the telephone and discussing land marks which could be seen by the subjects, deputies determined a likely location, which appeared to be several miles away from the residence.

Deputies were able to get GPS coordinates through the cellular telephone, which allowed them to plot the subjects location. Using a GPS receiver,deputies hiked into a remote area of the Eel River drainage and located the subjects. Both subjects had complaints of dehydration as they had been without water while walking most of the day. The subjects were provided water. Both subjects were in good physical condition and able to walk back to their residence with assistance.

Deputies guided the subjects back to their residence arriving shortly before 8 in the evening.
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