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(Title of Crime/Incident) 459 PC - Burglary / 10851 CVC - Theft of Motor Vehicle
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459 PC - Burglary / 10851 CVC - Theft of Motor Vehicle
Regina Heights Subdivision in Ukiah, California
When: Date: March - April 2012 Time:
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Suspect #1: Zyler Ridley 27 Transient Ukiah, Ca
Written by: Captain Greg Van Patten
Synopsis: On 03-01-2012 at 0845 hours a Mendocino County Sheriff's Office Deputy was dispatched to a home on Vichy Hills Drive located in the Regina Heights subdivision in Ukiah, California.

Upon arrival the home owner reported to the deputy that a burglary had occurred at the residence during the night while he and his wife were asleep inside the residence.

The suspect(s) entered into the residence resulting in the theft of a wallet and wrist watch. The suspect(s) stole one of the home owner's vehicles that was parked inside of an attached garage.

It appeared the suspect(s) entered into the garage and residence through unlocked access doors. It was also apparent the suspect(s) were able to take the vehicle because the vehicle's ignition keys where kept inside of the vehicle.

On 03-01-2012 at 1100 hours the stolen vehicle was located on Highway 20 between Willits and Fort Bragg. The vehicle was unoccupied after it had been involved in a single vehicle collision.

On 03-07-2012 Sheriff's Office investigators learned (S) Zyler Ridley had been arrested by the Fort Bragg Police Department on 03-03-2012 for an unrelated incident. At the time of Ridley's arrest he was found in possession of the home owner's wallet.

Sheriff's Office detectives began conducting further investigations into the Vichy Hills Drive burglary to determine Ridley's involvement in the crime.

On 03-30-2012 at 0500 hours Ridley was released from the Mendocino County Jail in regards to his 03-03-2012 arrest.

On 03-31-2012 at approximately 2315 hours Sheriff's Office Deputies were dispatched to Quail Drive in the Regina Heights subdivision in regards to a reported prowler.

A Quail Drive home owner reported they had heard someone trying to open a sliding glass door, which allowed access into the residence. The home owner went to the sliding glass door and confronted a white male adult resulting in the person leaving the property on foot.

The home owner's physical description of the person was similar to that of Ridley. Deputies conducted a search of the Quail Drive area and were unable to locate the person.

On 04-01-2012 at 0700 hours a Sheriff's Office Deputy was dispatched to a reported burglary of a residence on Vichy Hills Drive located in the Regina Heights subdivision.

Upon contact, the home owner reported during the previous night suspect(s) had entered into the residence's attached garage while the home owner's family was sleeping.

The suspect(s) took a bicycle and US currency from a vehicle parked inside the garage. Based upon the similarities in the 03-01-2012 and 04-01-2012 reported burglaries, Sheriff's Office investigators issued a BOLO for Ridley as being a person of interest.

On 04-06-2012 at approximately 1300 hours Ridley was located by a Ukiah Police Department Patrol Sergeant.

Sheriff's Office Investigators contacted Ridley and followed up on immediate leads that showed Ridley was responsible for 03-01-2012 and 04-01-2012 reported burglaries.

Sheriff's Office Investigators were also able to substantiate Ridley as being the reported prowler on Quail Drive during the night of 03-31-2012.

During further investigations Sheriff's Office investigators were also able to determine Ridley as being a suspect in an unreported burglary to another residence located on Vichy Hills Drive in the Regina Heights subdivision.

Taken in this burglary were 2 bicycles located in the residence's garage on the night of 04-04-2012 while a guest of the home owner was staying inside the residence.

Based upon information gathered during the investigations, Ridley was arrested on 04-06-2012 and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on charges of burglary and vehicle theft.

Ridley is currently being held in lieu of $100,000.00 bail.
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