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(Title of Crime/Incident) Vicious Dogs
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Vicious Dogs
2500 Block of Robinson Creek Road
When: Date: 6-7-12 Time: 2345 hours
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Victim #1: Adult Female Ukiah, CA
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Synopsis: On 6-7-12 at approximately 2345 hours deputies were dispatched to the 2500 block of Robinson Creek Road for a report of two Pit Bull Terrier dogs attacking Llamas. The owner of the Llamas reported hearing her four Llamas being attacked and went outside to investigate. She found the two Pit Bull Terriers had killed one Llama and mortally wounded a second Llama. One Llama appeared to not be wounded and one Llama was missing.

When deputies arrived, the two Pit Bull Terriers returned and were again closing in on the two remaining living Llamas. Deputies were forced to shoot one of the Pit Bull Terriers, but the other one ran away. A check of the deceased Pit Bull Terrier's license tags revealed the residence address of the owner of the two dogs. Deputies responded to the residence and contacted the owner of the dogs. Deputies subsequently took custody of the remaining Pit Bull Terrier. The Pit Bull Terrier was transported to Animal Control for quarantine.

A large animal veterinarian responded to treat the mortally wounded Llama, but the wounds were too severe and it had to be put down.

The information was forwarded to the Mendocino County Animal Control Deputies for investigative follow-up.
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