Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
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(Title of Crime/Incident) 288(a) PC. 288.5 PC & 288A(c)(1) PC
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288(a) PC. 288.5 PC & 288A(c)(1) PC
Laytonville, Ca.
When: Date: 06/30/12 Time: 2042 hrs.
Victim Info :        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Victim #1: Juvenile Female 13
Suspect Info:        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Suspect #1: Axius Gacha 44 Laytonville, Ca.
Written by: Sergeant Mike Dygert
Synopsis: On 06/30/12 Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were contacted by the victim's parents, who wanted to report a sexual assault on their 13 year old daughter.

Deputies conducted an investigation into the incident. Deputies learned Suspect Gacha(whom the victim's family had known for several years) began a solicitation with the victim by the use of texting her on a cellular phone. Gacha lured the victim to make personal contact and eventually engaged in unlawful sexual acts with the victim on several occasions.

Mendocino County Sheriff's Detectives took over the investigation and later contacted and arrested Gacha at a location near the victim's residence. Gacha was booked into the Mendocino County jail for the listed charges with bail set at $200,000.
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