Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
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(Title of Crime/Incident) Information regarding Mendocino Independence Day
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Information regarding Mendocino Independence Day
Township of Mendocino
When: Date: 07.04.12 Time: All Day
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Written by: Lieutenant Greg Stefani
Synopsis: With Independence Day festivities fast approaching in the Township of Mendocino on Wednesday July 4Th, 2012, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind those attending that the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is devoted to ensuring the peaceful enjoyment of the event by spectators and participants alike. In the past it has been an apparent misunderstanding of a few Mendocino County Codes and California State laws that apply to this event that has led to enforcement actions that were, to some, unexpected.

Mendocino County Code Sec. 8.86.030 - Public Consumption of Alcohol Prohibited.
It is unlawful for any person to drink or consume any intoxicating liquor upon any public street, public roadway, public alley or public parking lot or public sidewalk within the Historical Preservation District of the Town of Mendocino.

Enforcement of this ordinance will only be suspended on July 4, 2012 while the parade is in progress.

Friendship Park is located on school grounds and the following laws will be enforced, at all times:
25608 B&P-Alcohol on School Grounds
(a)Every person who possesses, consumes, sells, gives, or delivers to any other person, any alcoholic beverage in or on any public schoolhouse or any of the grounds thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

11362.79 H&S- Smoking Marijuana on School Grounds
Nothing in this article shall authorize a qualified
patient or person with an identification card to engage in the
smoking of medical marijuana under any of the following
(a) In any place where smoking is prohibited by law.
(b) In or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation
center, or youth center, unless the medical use occurs within a

The Mendocino County Sheriffs Office wishes a happy and safe July 4Th, 2012 to all residents and visitors to our county.
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