Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
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(Title of Crime/Incident) 647(f) PC: Public Intoxication
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647(f) PC: Public Intoxication
Boonville Saloon (14161 Highway 128 Boonville, Calif.)f
When: Date: 11/28/2012 Time: 0215 hrs
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  Name Age Street Address City, State
Victim #1: State of California
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  Name Age Street Address City, State
Suspect #1: Marcia Gail Martinez 47 16806 Hawkins Hill Rd. Hidden Valley, Calif
Suspect #2: Titus, Jared Paul 30 13301 Airport Rd. Boonville, Calif
Written by: Sergeant James VanHagen
Synopsis: On 11/28/2012 at approximately 0215 hrs. Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a call for sevice in the Boonville area. When they drove by the Boonville Saloon (14161 Highway 128 Boonville, Calif), they noticed numerous cars parked out front and it appeared there were still patrons in the bar after closing hours. When the Deputies cleared the call for service they resonded back to the Boonville Saloon. They parked down the street and approached the bar on foot. When Deputies arrived at the bar they noticed the front door was locked from the inside. They could hear music playing and when they looked in the bar window they could see 5 subjects (two femal and thre male) drinking alcohol and dancing to the jukebox music, well after closing time (0230 hrs). The Deputies stood outside the bar for approx. 30 minutes and watched the two females serving alcohol to the male subjects and also drinking shots themselves.

At 0300 hrs a very intoxicated male subject exited the bar and the Deputies made contact with him. The male was identified as suspect Jared Titus, 30 years old. As Deputies spoke with Titus they could see he was too intoxicated to care for his safety so they arrested him for public intoxication. The Depuites then entered the Boonville Saloon and contacted the remaining subjects. The second suspect was identified as the bar owner, Marcia Martinez 47 years old. She was confronted about serving alcohol to patrons after bar hours (0200 hrs). Martinez was very intoxicated and unable to care for her safety, she was also arrested for public intoxication. Depuites then cantacted and identified the reamining subjects in the bar. They were later released without charges.

The bars liquer license was checked and it was expired. Suspect Martinez and Titus were transported and booked into the Mendocino County Jail for Public Intoxication, later to be released with a Court appearance date. Martinez will also have two addtional chares filed against her through the District Attorney's Office for 25631 B&P: Sales of Alcohol during closing hours and 25632 B&P: Consumption on premises during closing hours.

This report will aslo be sent to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) for further review.
Approved By: Sergeant James VanHagen