Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
Press Release
(Title of Crime/Incident) 290.018 PC & 22658(a) B&P
Report Number:
12-32075, 12-32067    
Coroner Number:
290.018 PC & 22658(a) B&P
Redwood Valley, Calpella and City of Ukiah
When: Date: 11/28/12 Time: 1300-1900 hrs.
Victim Info :        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Victim #1: People of the state
Suspect Info:        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Suspect #1: Ronald Pedigo 54 Ukiah, Ca.
Written by: Sergeant Mike Dygert
Synopsis: On November 28th, 2012 Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies and California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Investigators cited three people for furnishing alcohol to minors (22658(a) B&P). A fourth person (Ronald Pedigo) was also arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor however he also had a parole warrant for his arrest and was found to be 290 PC sexual offender who had not registered as a sex offender at a local law enforcement agency for almost two years. Pedigo was incarcerated at the Mendocino County jail for the listed charges.

The actions were a result of a two compliance enforcement programs referred to as the Minor Decoy program and Shoulder Tap Program. The Decoy Shoulder Tap Program is an enforcement program ABC and or local law enforcement agencies use to detect and deter shoulder tap activity. During the program, a minor decoy (person under 21) under the direct supervision of law enforcement officers, solicits adults (21 years of age or older) outside ABC licensed stores to buy the minor alcoholic beverages. Any person observed furnishing alcohol to the minor decoy is arrested and either cited or incarcerated at the county jail for providing alcohol to a minor, a violation of 25658 B&P.

The Minor Decoy program is a compliance check program in which minors less than 20 years of age are sent into alcohol licensed establishments under the supervision of investigators, and attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages from the store cashier clerks. Those individuals who sell alcohol beverages to minors will face criminal prosecution which could result in a fine or community service for a first violation. In addition ABC may take administrative action against the business's liquor license. The administrative action may include a fine, suspension of the liquor license or the permanent revocation of the license.

Funding for these ABC operations was provided by a grant from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.
Approved By: Captain Greg Van Patten