Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
Press Release
(Title of Crime/Incident) 29800 (a)(1) PC, 246.3 PC & 30305(a)(1) PC & 11550 H&S
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29800 (a)(1) PC, 246.3 PC & 30305(a)(1) PC & 11550 H&S
1721 Tanya Lane Ukiah, Ca
When: Date: 01/26/2013 Time: 0304 hours
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  Name Age Street Address City, State
Victim #1: People of the state
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  Name Age Street Address City, State
Suspect #1: Guadalupe Gutierrez 23 Ukiah, Ca
Written by: Sergeant Mike Dygert
Synopsis: On 01/26/2013 at about 0304 hours Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the apartment complex located at 1721 Tanya Lane in Ukiah for a report of a gunshot and person screaming.

Upon arrival Deputies spoke to witnesses who observed a male subject seen with a firearm who went into one of the apartments in the complex.

Deputies knocked on the door of the apartment where the subject was seen with the firearm. Deputies observed an expended shotgun shell on the ground in front of the apartment at this time.

A short time later Guadalupe Gutierrez exited the apartment and spoke with the Deputies. While Deputies were interviewing Gutierrez they noticed he was displaying symptoms of illicit drug usage.

Gutierrez was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance however denied discharging a firearm at the location. Deputies learned Gutierrez was legally prohibited from possessing any firearms or firearm ammunition. During a search of Gutierrez's clothing a live rifle cartridge was found.

After Gutierrez was arrested, Deputies conducted a consensual search of the apartment.

Deputies located a loaded 20-gauge shotgun in the apartment. The shotgun was loaded with the same shotgun shells as the expended shell observed outside the apartment.

Gutierrez was transported and incarcerated at the Mendocino County jail on the listed charges to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.
Approved By: Captain Greg Van Patten