Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
Press Release
(Title of Crime/Incident) 245 PC [Assault with deadly weapon], 459 PC [Burglary]
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245 PC [Assault with deadly weapon], 459 PC [Burglary]
Pudding Creek Road, Fort Bragg
When: Date: 04/11/2013 Time: 2257 Hours
Victim Info :        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Victim #1: Daynes Pabo 19 Pudding Creek Road Fort Bragg, Ca.
Suspect Info:        
  Name Age Street Address City, State
Suspect #1: Mark Prouty 41 Pudding Creek Road Fort Bragg, Ca.
Written by: Sergeant Joseph Comer
Synopsis: On 04/11/2013 at approximately 2257 hours, Deputies received a call for service regarding a victim of a battery awaiting contact at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Upon arrival Deputies contacted the reported victim, who identified himself as Mark Prouty. Prouty had visible minor injury to his face.

Prouty identified Daynes Pabo as the person responsible for his assault, which took place at a residence on Pudding Creek Road in Fort Bragg. Prouty told Deputies that shortly before his arrival to the hospital, he initiated contact with Pabo after observing him on the property. Prouty had been assisting the property owner for the past two weeks in trying to evict Pabo from the premises. Both Prouty and Pabo resided at that location but in separate structures.

Upon contact with Pabo and after directing him to leave the location, Pabo punched Prouty in the face. Pabo then left the location on foot, vandalizing Prouty’s vehicle in the process. Prouty proceeded to the hospital and summoned law enforcement.

Deputies contacted Pabo, who arrived unexpectedly at the hospital to seek medical treatment for an injury. Deputies contacted Pabo and observed that he had a visible injury to the back of his head.

Pabo admitted to Deputies that he had punched Prouty in the face and vandalized Prouty’s vehicle, but only after being struck in the head by Prouty. Prouty entered Pabo’s trailer after Pabo arrived home. Prouty directed Pabo to leave and threatened to strike Pabo with a blunt object if Pabo refused.

After Pabo exited the trailer and began to leave, Prouty struck Pabo in the back of the head with a padlock attached to a metal cable.

Deputies ultimately arrested Prouty for the listed charges. Prouty was transported to the Mendocino County Jail where he was booked and held in lieu of bail set at $50,000.00.
Approved By: Lieutenant Greg Stefani