Mendocino County Sheriff's Office
Press Release
(Title of Crime/Incident) Missing person, search and rescue
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Missing person, search and rescue
23210 Spy Rock Road, Laytonville
When: Date: 4-05-2014 Time: 8:00 PM
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Victim #1: Kathy J, Morgan 66 Sacramento, CA
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Written by: Sergeant Mike Davis
Synopsis: On 4-05-2014 at about 8:00 PM, a woman called the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office to report that a sixty-six year-old female house guest, Kathy Morgan, had walked away from her Spy Rock area cabin at approximately 1:30 that afternoon and had not returned as of 8:00 PM. The reporting party's cabin is in an extremely remote area on the back side of Spy Rock Road, bordering the Eel River. The terrain is very steep and heavily wooded.
The missing woman, Kathy J. Morgan, of Sacramento, had walked away with only a camera.

Area residents searched the dirt roads on all terrain vehicles while Mendocino County Sheriff's deputies responded to the cabin to begin the initial investigation. Due to the extremely rugged terrain, further search efforts in the darkness were not possible. The following morning search and rescue teams from Mendocino and Lake Counties arrived in the area and began to systematically search the area surrounding the cabin.

Morgan was found 300 feet down a steep, wooded ravine, suffering from minor injuries, dehydration and exposure. She had tumbled down the steep incline the previous afternoon and found the slope too steep to climb out of. She was extracted from the slope via long-line by a California Highway Patrol helicopter unit and transported to the Ukiah Valley Medical Center. A full recovery is expected.
Approved By: Lieutenant Greg Stefani